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Andrea Moar, MD

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Verona and specialized in Forensic Medicine and Insurance Medicine, he is an active medicolegal consultant in both Trentino and South Tyrol. Currently, he holds a trusted role for numerous private individuals and holds an important position with some of the most prestigious insurance companies.

Forensic medicine is a medical specialty that deals with the application of medical principles in a legal context. The forensic physician has the task of providing an objective and accurate medical analysis in legal situations that involve an individual's health or life.

The activities of the forensic physician may be required in various circumstances, such as in the case of road accidents, workplace accidents, or situations where responsibilities for serious illnesses or disabilities need to be established. The forensic physician prepares the "medicolegal report," a detailed document containing medical assessments, conclusions, and opinions expressed by the forensic physician about the specific situation under investigation.

The medicolegal report is essential to determine the cause of an event, evaluate the effects on health, or establish the responsibility of a person in legal situations. His work is therefore crucial to ensure fair and just treatment in the legal and insurance fields.

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