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Ultrasound-guided joint injections



It allows you to reach DEEP JOINTS more precisely or to concentrate the drug in a very small area such as, for example, in correspondence with a CALCIFICATION.


  • hip infiltration

  • shoulder infiltrations for periarthritis

  • Achilles tendon infiltration

  • calcific epicondylitis

  • heel pain


Ultrasound-guided joint infiltrations represent a significant advance in orthopedics, offering a precise and safe therapeutic approach for various joint pathologies. This innovative method combines ultrasound with direct injection, allowing the orthopedic specialist to obtain optimal results in the treatment of various problems.

The distinguishing feature of ultrasound-guided joint infiltration is the visual guidance provided by ultrasound during the procedure. Using the ultrasound, it is possible to obtain a detailed view of the anatomical structures involved, such as the joint, tendons and synovial bags, before the injection. This real-time visual guidance allows the clinician to place the needle precisely where desired, ensuring targeted delivery of therapeutic drug. Thanks to the real-time visualization provided by ultrasound, delicate anatomical structures such as blood vessels and nerves can be safely avoided, reducing the risk of complications such as bruising, infection or accidental injury. This guided approach minimizes the potential risks associated with conventional injections, providing greater peace of mind for both doctor and patient.

The use of ultrasound in joint infiltrations offers many clinical advantages. First of all, it allows treatment to be focused directly on the site of inflammation or pain, maximizing therapeutic efficacy. This means patients can benefit from targeted and rapid relief while minimizing the need for high doses of systemic medications and their potential side effects. In addition, ultrasound allows for accurate assessment of joint structures, facilitating the diagnosis of associated injuries or other conditions that could affect treatment, and enabling comprehensive patient management.

In addition to precision and safety, ultrasound-guided joint infiltrations offer a significant advantage in terms of therapeutic efficiency. The combination of diagnostics and therapeutics during the same procedure reduces waiting times for the patient, avoiding the need for additional appointments for treatment administration. This results in faster and more efficient management of joint pathologies, enabling patients to achieve timely pain relief and a rapid return to their daily activities.

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