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First visits

Therefirst visitprovides for a first phase of anamnesis and cognitive interview concerning the abitdietary habits, lifestyle, possible pathologies, relationship with food, variety of diet. 

We then proceed with the evaluation of the body composition through bioimpedancemetry and the collection of anthropometric measurements with the use of specific instruments; it then concludes by defining together personal goals in terms of health and well-being.
After the first visit, a personalized food plan will be drawn up which will be explained and sent in the following days.

The objective of the program is not a restrictive diet but the achievement of a food balance and the patient's serenity. 


Control visits

Le control visitsthey are set at intervals of 4-5 weeks from the first visit or from the previous visit, based on the path and needs of the individual patient.

Each of these involves checking adherence to the established nutritional plan, solving any doubts or problems encountered, re-evaluating and monitoring body composition with respect to the values of the first visit.


The nutritional plan is also updated if necessary, based on the changes obtained and/or the objectives set.

ctrl nutri


This is the assessment of body composition through thebioimpedancemeter, a special device that evaluates the percentage of:

  • intra and extracellular water,

  • lean mass,

  • fat mass

through electrodes, which are applied to the back of the hand and foot.

A weak electric current is passed between these, which makes it possible to calculate the impedance of the body's tissues to the current itself.

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